Today is “Ginger Cat Appreciation Day”, where we get to appreciate the ginger kitties in our lives.  If you didn’t know, Cruiser it the ginger of “Eddie & Cruiser.”  Cruiser is a little bigger than his tuxedo wearing brother.  Cruiser is also the more friendly of the two, and is also much more tolerant of things like nail trims and brushings than his brother.  Cruiser also has “gum freckles” (dark spots on his gums and inner lips), which is also a Ginger Kitty thing. Cruiser is weird in that his food must be in kibble form, as he WILL NOT eat wet food and insists on dried kibble for his meals and treats.  He also enjoys drinking out of the kitchen faucet, and hanging out by the front door.   He will sit patiently on the counter waiting for someone to turn on the faucet or get him treats from the cupboard (he knows where the treats are and they have to be place so he can’t get to them or else he will).  I recently took at picture wearing my a Montana State University Bobcats face mask with Cruiser in the background and it was pointed out that the MSU Bobcat logo is a “ginger kitty” and thus Cruiser is a Bobcat too.  🙂  

Here is a link to information about Ginger Cat Appreciation Day