Dr. Gengler from Duvall Veterinary Hospital recently posted a video on her YouTube Channel showing the removal of a tumor from a kitty’s head.  We just want to remind you that if you notice that your feline (or canine) friends have become “lumpy bumpy”, you should at a minimum have your veterinarian check out those lumps and bumps during their annual exam.  Last year Cruiser had a procedure similar to what the kitty in the video underwent.  Cruiser had three lumps on his head and had them removed while he was getting a dental cleaning.  Two of the lumps were benign while the third was a mast cell tumor, but in cats they typically are not an issue, but we have been keeping an eye on things have not seen any other issues come up due it.  Cruiser did have a bit of a “reverse mohawk” for a while as the fur on the top of his head grew back. It was also funny to see Cruiser try and groom himself through the “cone of shame.”  Elisa was concerned that Crui

ser wouldn’t be able to eat or drink with the cone, but he managed just fine.  Cruiser has a few other lumps and bumps but “Dr. G” has check those out and at this point we aren’t concerned about them.  Since Eddie & Cruiser are long hair cats (really fluffy), these lumps and bumps kind be hard to locate, especially if you are trying to do it while in the exam room at your local veterinary clinic.  The bottom video is Cruiser trying to groom himself with the cone on.