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Who are we and what is the site?

We are Eddie & Cruiser.  We are two Domestic Long Hair cats with a dose of Maine Coon that live with our humans in Duvall, WA.  We spent the first part of our lives as the Clinic Cats at the local veterinary hospital here in Duvall until we were adopted by our current humans (W & E).  This is a site our humans are helping us with so our fans can follow us and see what we have been doing and learn about the silly things we do and the things that make us the “weirdos” that we are.  Check out the blog for updates, and click the button below for the full Eddie & Cruiser story!

Eddie & Cruiser’s Story

Picture of Eddie


“Eduardo el Bandido”

Picture of Cruiser


“Gatito Crucero”

Picture of W and E

W & E

E & C’s Humans